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Monday, March 29, 2010

Homicide Commuters.................?

Is this coming to an American City near you?

Why has this not happened in America yet?

Have we trained our local Law Enforcement Officers to recognize Hostile Surveillance of our outlying mass transit facilities in the suburbs? The two women who blew themselves up and killed and injured scores of people, did pre-operational surveillance and possibly even dry runs, someone saw something! The terrorists who place explosives on mass transportation or “Homicide Bombers” will board the trains in unguarded suburban locations outside our major cities and ride them to the crowded urban stations to kill, maim and destroy. The death and destruction (hair and skin blown from the human body) as seen in Moscow, London, Madrid and Mumbai may be coming to an American City sooner than we think. We must stop playing “Ostrich” take our heads out of the sand and prepare our first responders Police, fire and EMS to deter, detect and respond to attacks on our mass transportation systems. Just look globally to know what may be coming to and American City near you!

Stay safe,

Saturday, March 13, 2010


This article is dedicated to all the brave men and women who have and do wear the uniform. Stay safe.

Why? That is the question hundreds if not thousands of AT/CT professionals ask themselves constantly. Why? Why haven’t we been hit yet, why haven’t we been hit again? Where are the “Homicide Bombers”, where are the back pack laden IED’S? Why haven’t they struck here in the United States of America yet? Why? Why? Why? London, Madrid, Israel, Mumbai and many other countries have been victims of hundreds of attacks, to their subways, buses and other forms of mass transportation why not in America???
The answer, only “God Knows”, if you believe in god, which ever god you choose to believe in, is your choice and no one else’s. I believe in God, and I know he is not “short on cash”. I also believe the recent arrest’s in NY, Denver and several other states is very telling. I also believe that the attacks are coming and the perpetrators’ are still educating and training them in the art of “Homicide Bombing”.

They may be willing to die for their cause, but they are petrified of getting caught prior to it, and that much we know (maybe water boarding is paying collateral long term dividends). Take for example Afghan National Najibullah Zazi, a coffee cart vendor who once lived in New York, and worked near Ground Zero (those of you from New York and other large Metro areas have seen plenty of curbside vendors) they are almost A-typical, much like cab-drivers? Zazi is somewhat meek and innocent looking, David Von Drehle and Bobby Gosh wrote in their article for Time Magazine;” from the training camp in Pakistan to his bomb recipe and backpack delivery system, bears the marks not of some fluky local scheme of the kind that the feds have sniffed out in the past but of a plausible al-Qaeda operation.” not your typical (hack their head off) variety terrorist. He has been the mild mannered airport limo driver, coffee cart vendor, aspiring “Homicide Bomber” we frequently read about across the globe, but not here in America! “They walk among us” is a term used periodically, does anyone else think or feel like that? Recently there have been Intel reports of men being spotted with wires around there necks and going up under their sweaters or jackets, in major metropolitan cities.

Have those pent on death and destruction to the “Great Satan” started their pre-operational planning and put something in motion? Was Najibullah Zazi supposed to get caught??? Where are his accomplices? Were there a dozen backpacks and cell phones confiscated in one of the raids? Will the devices be placed on trains and buses in the outlying suburbs and taken into the major metropolis? How important is mass transportation on-time performance? Aren’t you upset when your bus or train is late? Where’s the mass transportation information made available to the public? Schedules etc….the internet! No “Hostile Surveillance” techniques needed there, he just logs on from the comfort of his terrorist’s living room or cave and surfs and plans their next attack?

I recently completed a yearlong security/counter terrorism training contract with one of the nation’s largest Public Mass Transportation providers, moving hundreds of millions of people above and below ground annually. I presently provide security/counter terrorism guidance to several large Maritime Mass Transportation providers with sole access to some of the nation’s HVT’S. When I ask myself the same question why? Deep down I know it is only a matter of time, but I also know that as long as we keep doing our jobs, like the men and women who wear a uniform, whether it be Police, Fire, EMS, Military or Security and keep changing our posture and techniques we will keep those hell bent on our destruction back peddling and re-formulating their plans, because we keep changing ours.

That is my answer and only one man’s opinion as to why, hasn’t it happened here, so keep your guard up, keep your people from becoming complacent, keep them motivated, keep them focused (and not sleeping while guarding the GW Bridge) and a byproduct of that, is your safety, our safety, your families safety and your friends safety.


Stay safe, and God Bless America
Andrew Clayton Hopkinson
Sergeant Andrew Hopkinson (Ret.)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

"United States of American Jihad"

“United States of American Jihad”
“Homegrown Terrorism”
By Andrew C. Hopkinson FSO CSO CT/AT
Questions & Informational Brief February-2010

Is a “Terror Event” imminent?
Will we be struck by a Man Made disaster?
Let’s call it like it is; Radical Fundamental Islamist Extremists planning another attack on America?
Will it be perpetrated by “Female Homicide Bombers?” Will females attack America?
Osama Bin Laden speaks again, what does it mean for America?
“It is not just a fundamental Islamic belief that fuels homegrown terrorism, but a combination of hormones, video games and the media, social or otherwise that is fueling the current rage to be a Homegrown Terrorist (HGT)?” ACH
It has been just over 8 years since the discovery by CIA Officer Johnny “Mike” Spann (KIA Afghanistan 11-25-2001) of John Walker Lindh the convicted enemy combatant; we have come a long way since the first American casualty in Afghanistan. Lindh was an American citizen who left America to seek Jihad; the current crop apprehended in Pakistan appeared to have gone to Pakistan for similar reasons? What does John Walker Lindh do now from his prison cell in Terre Haute? Who does he communicate with? We know the prison system is a breeding ground for gangs, as well as an educational system for criminals of all types. The important point to emphasize is that the prison system has been and is now the new breeding ground for Home Grown Terrorists (HGT). The spread of Anti-American hatred is rampant in our great nation, from diverse groups and individuals; it is no wonder the NYPD now has the largest intelligence division second only to the CIA? There are thousands of individuals who seek to terrorize in one form or another, some more violent than others, for a multitude of reasons? Some want to terrorize here in America, and some in other corners of the globe? In a recent article entitled WHY? I discussed the inevitable event when terrorism comes back to America and becomes more common here as it is in other countries.
“U.S. counterterrorism officials say 2009 has turned into the year of homegrown jihad, with the unmasking of the most serious suspected terror plots involving Americans in about five years.”
What can we do about this phenomenon? We must do something? How do we prevent indoctrination? The American youth are being targeted by these groups and radical individuals from all across the globe, another group of predators preying on our youth, we must act now. The prisons in America are breeding grounds for Muslim Extremists the indoctrinators’ pounce on their prey in the violence filled penitentiary’s across America.
Home Grown Terrorist Recognition (HGTR) for Law Enforcement professionals the need is now!
I recommend Steve Emerson his book was so far ahead of the pack when he wrote it “American Jihad” if you have not read this book it is a must read!
“They have left the video game training phase and now seek actual operational involvement; there are no more levels to complete in the video game.”
Remember if you see something say something! 1-866-347-2423
Stay safe and God bless America!